M1 EP Revision Guidelines for mid-term tests July 2011

M1EP will be having their mid-term tests next week. Here are the revision guidelines.

ENGLISH Grammar & Vocabulary Test
– Tenses: Present Simple / Present Continuous / Past Simple / Past Continuous – – Questions and Answers using modal verbs ( be / do / have)
– Comparatives and Superlatives – Prepositions
– Vocabulary: –memory -people around us
– Verb forms

Factors, Prime numbers, prime factors,
Highest Common Factor (HCF) Lowest Common Multiple (LCM)
Addition, subtraction, division and multiplication of negative numbers
DOBMAS, Number patterns, Fibonacci sequence

Students understand Science definition and realms of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Technology – practical importance of Science in human life.
The Students can recognize the positions and know the functions of the major organs of flowering plants
Students understand the 7 characteristics of life. Can identify and know the function of structures within plant and animal cells.
Students understand role of micro-organisms in breakdown of organic matter, food production and disease, including work of Louis Pasteur.
Students know group of cells organized into tissues, tissues into organs and systems. Some examples.
Students know position and main functions of organ systems – circulatory, nervous, movement, respiratory, excretory and reproductive.
Students know the role of the skeleton and joints. Antagonistic muscles produce movement across joints.

The Nervous system – Division and Function
Disorders of the Nervous system
Care of the Nervous system
Factors affecting Mental Health
Emotional Development during Puberty


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