M3EP Revision Guidelines – July 2011

The Mathayom students at Varee Chiang Mai School will be having their mid-term tests next week. To prepare for these tests they should follow the revision guidelines below.

ENGLISH Grammar & Vocabulary Test
– Tenses: Present Tenses / Past Tenses / Perfect Tenses
– Relative Clauses – Defining and Non-defining
– Passive Voice
– Past Perfect Tense
Vocabulary : Adjectives to describe art, beauty and fashion

Surface area of cubes, cuboids triangular prisms, cylinders
Volume of cubes, cuboids, prisms, pyramids, comes, cylinders and spheres
Coordinate axes, plotting of linear equations

Scientific Enquiry: question, hypothesis, materials, methods, results, conclusion
The structure, composition and properties of the first 20 elements of the periodic table
Groups and periods; Metals and non-metals; Solids, liquids and gases.
Simple diagrams of molecules. Simple chemical equations;
Metal reactivity with water and acids; Simplified reactivity series.
Acids and bases; What is an ion?
Effect of temperature, concentration and particle size on the rate of reactions.

Human Growth and Development
Factors influencing growth in teenagers
Social and Emotional changes in teenagers
Gender differences on Growth and Development


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