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Online Grammar – Past Simple Tense, pronunciation


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Mathayom 1EP – Weekend Homerwork

This week the students in M1EP have been learning about the past continuous and past simple tenses. Their homework for this weekend is to create three situations where we can apply this grammar.
Here are some examples from previous classes.

she slipped on a banana skin
She was walking along when she suddenly slipped on a banana skin.

Aidan SAMO art ape bike English
The monkey stole his motorbike while he was having dinner.

broken skateboard art
She was skateboarding when her board broke.

he was reading a book when he saw the snake
He was reading a book when he saw a green snake.

crop 7
They were jumping when a cat ran past.

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Past Continuous and Past Simple Tenses

For the past week the students in M1EP have been working on the past continuous and the past simple tenses. During this time they have been creating some very interesting sentences and they also used this grammar during a mime game.
Here are some examples of the sentences that the students created

They were playing tennis when Richard slipped and fell.

Richard was waiting for the bus when a bird pooped on his head.

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The Past Tenses – Mathayom1EP Varee School – June 2011

Over the past few weeks the students have been reviewing different tenses in their English lessons.

We have been focusing on the past tenses in particular. The students then used these skills to write an email to an old friend talking about what they have been doing recently.

They have also been using the past simple tense and the past continuous tense to describe various situations. The students had a lot of fun with this and came up with some creative answers. Here are some examples of the situations the students were describing

This coming week we will be working with the phrase ‘used to’ to describe their habits in the past.

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